At the Ghosts, we play online ARMA and ARMA II, simply the best tactical shooter games available for the PC.With huge maps, we use real life tactics to get the job done!. Everything is useable, vehicles, armour, aircraft, boats, and all types of weapons. Realistic weapon dynamics, and amazing sounds and visuals. There's even a complex medical system to help keep you alive.

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Always know how much ammo you have got, and expecially how much is in you gun clip. .
Be in control
Wednesday, 11 October 2006 12:17

Be in control Eagle explains in this article how important control equipment is. A good quality mouse and mouse mat is vital if you want to be responsive and accurate to the enemy threat. Read more here

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The challenge of Arma
Wednesday, 11 October 2006 10:25

ARMA (Armed Assault), the updated 'Flashpont' is providing a quite a challenge even for the veteran members. The evolution map, in Veteran mode, is a world apart from flashpoint, at its best. For more info on ARMA read our Arma section in the Forum, and on this page..

The Difference

Multiplay, you can jump into and out of a server at anytime, even when a mission is running, once there is an AI available to use. On some missions, the server keeps your score when you return



The Pro's




The Con's 



Marksmanship Ladder
Tuesday, 10 August 2004 00:30

Rifle practice has been formalised, and all attempts are now being logged!. You will soon be able to see your history on our Forum.

Friendly Fire
Monday, 09 August 2004 22:30

Friendly Fire Kills continue to 'ghost' the group, with another in recent days. With the larger numbers and multiple teams, now more than ever good communications, and adhering to 'Rules of Engagement' are critical. See the post on the Forum

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