At the Ghosts, we play online ARMA and ARMA II, simply the best tactical shooter games available for the PC.With huge maps, we use real life tactics to get the job done!. Everything is useable, vehicles, armour, aircraft, boats, and all types of weapons. Realistic weapon dynamics, and amazing sounds and visuals. There's even a complex medical system to help keep you alive.

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If you get into an overwhelming Hot zone, retreat using cover/bounding techniques, to a safe area for a regroup.
Ghosts no longer hosting Arma or Arma II servers
Tuesday, 08 June 2010 23:56

Due to lack of use, both of these servers have been decommissioned. Members are advised to join the Zeus community (, for their Arma2 sessions.


Zeus sessions are hosted on Sun and Thursday nights. You will get all you need to complete their required install from their webpage.

They also host various gaming sessions on other nights, and all are welcome to participate, or to use their TS3.

For ARMA, there are still many servers, although you may need to install relevant mods. The most popular is ACE, or Vanilla.

If there is enough interest in running up a dedicated server I will consider re-inalling one based on Operation Arrowhead, when it arrives.