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If someone gives you their bearing to you, read it from the bottom of the compass, then head in the direction indicated at the top of the compass.

Training Camp Choppers
Tuesday, 15 January 2008 18:10

OFP Training Camp has been updated to inculde flyable Helicopters. Most types are included from WGL, and some can fire weapons.


The mission pack (get in 'Downloads' or here ), contains a multiplay version, which you can choose to use. To use the multiplayer version, select multiplay, choose 'initialise net', select the desert map, and scroll down to the Ghosts_11_Training Camp.Intro mission. The choppers are located close to the rifle range, and there are lots of targets in the tank target range. The mission is also avaliable on the OFP Ghosts 24/7 Server.

Have fun!