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Zeus ESP Arma mod
Tuesday, 01 January 2008 18:12

The Zeus group, is a long standing, UK based group playing OPF for a number of years, and recently transitioning to ARMA. They produced one of the best known mods for OFP, the ESP mod, which stands up there with the WGL (Wargames League) and the FDF (Finnish Defence Forces) mods. It was one of the mods I looked at when we started OFP.

Updated 24.04.08 by Fish

They are developing an ESp mod for Arma, and I have started to look it it as an alternative for the now unlikely ACE mod for ARMA. Its a substantial mod, 250mb, and makes many changes to both the appearance, sound, and difficulty of Arma. Like most mods/addons it can be run with command line switches, so you can keep your install intact, and play either or as you wish. The latest version has been tested with the 109 beta patch, and I expect a newl 109 ESP version will follow on the heels of the final patch.

This mod is a strong cantidate for the Ghosts Arma server, and may become a required install for all Arma players in the group. Watch this space for updates to this article. I will provide some review material and also link to the download site, and some install instructions.


Update 24.04.08

ESP and the beta patch has moved on since the first report. Beta is now at 1.12, and Zeus are utilising this in their latest ESP 1.0.319. The combination changes the game significantly from the standard 1.08, but as the items are not documented its difficulty to identify all the changes.

One of the most important changes is to the bullet dispersion of both enemy and friendlies. There's no pinpoint accuracy from either at distances greater than say 300m, and this makes for long engaging and (dare I say it realistic!) engagements. I was involved in a battle mission on the Zeus server where there were 220 units, split between two sides. Of these there were about 20 real players on the Blufof side, most commanding small groups. Engagements took place at long distance, and removal of enemy units was done by methodical bombardment of specific positions.

Their server also has the ability to provide firemissions from a radio operator/s, and platoon leaders can mark positions for bombardment on the map and call in the amount of shells needed. THe radio officer can then call in the ART to that location.There is also a lot of information on the map about group positions, and equipment, enemy threats etc, and this aids the command of the units and groups.