If you offer to take a sniper role, be sure you know how to range properly with the chosen weapon. Learning during conflict is not an option.

What you definitely need

  • An official version of ARMA. While the ghosts install will work, it wont have the hex key needed to play online.
  • You must register with this website, and include '-ghosts' in you name, this will give you access to the fourm, where the install details are.
  • You must have the correct ghotsts install of ARMA (see HERE). Our server uses equal mods, so you wont get online unless its got the correct install.
  • Your keys should be setup so you can control your unit. There is a document showing you the essential ones, just search 'keystrokes'
  • A good internet connection. While bandwitdh is not critical (you should have at least 256kb/s upload) it must be a good service, not subject to packet loss.
  • A headset with microphone, allowing you to hear and to talk online with others.
  • Teamspeak 3 setup and working with your microphone. Search the forum HERE for details of team speak where to find it, and how to set it up.

What you don't need, but would help

  • You  should browse the forum, because it contains the most up to date information on many items, including installs, server connection, hardware communications.
  • You should be familiar with ARMA in single player mode, and know how to move fight, and use weapons, and understand the hud symbols.
  • Read the essential guides, and while much was written with Operation flashpoint in mind, they are relevant for ARMA
  • If you machine can run it, buy and install ARMA II. It has many improved feature over ARMA, and where members have it installed, we will play it from time to time. Note you will need the ghosts (ace) install for this one.
  • Look at tips and Hints section. It gives a really simple guide for survival in the ARMA world

Getting Help

  • If you cant find what you need here, just send us a message from the contact us page, with you email, and query, and we will be happy to reply to you.

Our only rules

  • If you are leading, then you give orders. If you are not leading, then you take orders, and carry them out. Sorry no in between. Everyone can lead if they choose to. (not all at the same time!!).
  • When online you will be asked to use push to talk with your comms. This prevents any unwanted and irritating noises being fed back into comms while people are online.
  • Sometimes impossible, but please keep teamspeak 'clean', and respect all other members/users.
  • Deliberate team kills will not be tolerated. If you are tempted to do this for any reason, perhaps you should be playing a different game and or a different server.